Using radare2 for simple binary analysis

Radare2 overview

Radare2 is a reverse engineering framework build by "Pancake" and all the people contributing code on the public github repo. Radare2 is a second version of a project called "Radare" which was created in 2006 by "Pancake" for the purpose of creating a simple hexadecimal editor with support for searching patterns and dumping the search results to disk to recover some PHP files deleted from an HFS partition. Because of that, Radare stands for RAw DAta REcovery.

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Bash - input/output redirections and pipes

Bash (Bourne Again Shell) - Written by Brian Fox with a help of amazing volunteers from the GNU project was created as a open-source, GNU alternative for, now quite dated "sh - shell" (which is still used to this day, but this is topic for another issue). First released in 1989, in the 30 years history of this software it has become the de facto standard where it comes to shell running inside of linux terminal. Now, in year 2020 Bash is pretty much everywhere where we hear the term linux shell. Its popularity comes from it being the default shell in most of the linux distributions these days and this is not without a reason. Many people like bash for its being an easy to use and learn shell with good potential for advance users. That doesn't mean that Bash is the best shell.

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